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Walking with the Spirits – Foreword

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working an a manuscript about animism. Well I was, but that kind of fell apart. The reason being that I realized it was not a separate project per se. The more I worked on the “Walking with the Ancestors” project, the more and more I realized that the two projects were one and the same, not two separate ones.

They were only different in that the focus was not the same. While the “Ancestors” project is focused on my genetic heritage, I came to realize that the animism project was focused more on my spiritual heritage. Both of which draw on similar material, and in some ways are more supplements or compliments to one another then they are separate projects.

As such, I present you with the foreword to the Walking with the Spirits! Though frankly, there is not a lot more to say about this project than I said in the foreword to the Ancestors project. These two series I am hoping will development more as supplements than as two independent projects. As such, the format of this one will be more or less the same as its companion. Each “set” of posts will be organized into chapters, parts A, B, C ect and so on. Part A of each chapter will be a lot of the science, and basically the logic for the following parts. Part B and so on, will be more creative in essence, being a fictional story that came from the logic of Part A.

As I said, I am hoping these two projects with co-evolve together, and you my dear readers get to watch it evolve here in real time.

However, this one will focus more on the spiritual side of things, where as is Ancestors will be following more of a genetic arc. I will still be drawing on archaeology and anthropology heavily just as in Ancestors. In fact, I will likely be using many of the sites and finds presented in the Ancestors project as jumping points.

In short, this project will present not only an expanded commentary, but also an expanded story as well. I will probably be cross referencing the two series as I go. I originally planned for this part to be a book in its own right. But now I present it free of charge and open access, in a very informal manner. Who knows, maybe I will use “Spirits” and “Ancestors” as the outline for an larger, expanded book. (Foreshadowing anyone? )

So, as always thank you for reading!

And thank you for joining me on this journey…