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Books, Books, Books!

Hello folks,

I wanted to stop in and remind you about my books! I have five of them published now, and you can find them all on Amazon as well as on my Etsy shop!

Kindle and Print editions, $2.99 – $11.99

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Processing… Processing!

This is my post to remind you folks that I have not forgotten about you! Life has been pretty crazy lately and I just haven’t had much time nor mental capacity to sit down and type out any kind of lengthy. There is a lot going on in the world, and in my own personal life, and some of it is really draining…

So basically, this post is to remind that I am still here, and further work will be coming soon. The shop has been pretty busy, so I can’t complain there.  I am also just taking some time to get myself back together, and to process all the things going on, from the recent election and Standing Rock. More expansive work is forthcoming, I swear.

A quick note about forthcoming work. After some feedback on Facebook, I think I am going to start a prayer series here on this blog, based on a deck I use for divination and prayer. I think there is a lot of people out there who are struggling, and if I can help in any little way, I will. So stay tuned for that.

There are a couple of things I want to say about this past election. I have made my thoughts on bigotry pretty clear HEREbut I did want to reiterate some of that here. Donald Trump is going to be our next president, and this fills me with a lot of uncertainty and concern for many of the people I cherish the most. Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign has been  nothing short of deplorable, filled with misogyny, racism, sexism and general bigotry. I have made it pretty clear that I have no tolerance for those things. In addition, I feel that a Trump presidency has the potential of doing a great deal of damage and harm to already marginalized communities; POC, women, LGTB+ folks, immigrants, and pretty much anyone not a white male. Yes, I realize that puts me in a very privileged group, as a white male.

That being said, I want to make one thing clear. People in many of these marginalized groups are counted among my close friends, and are very dear to me. So I want to make it clear that I will do everything in my power to support and keep them safe.

I am here for you. You matter, you are important, and I hear you. What can I do to help?

Other than that, there is quite a bit I am still processing about this election. It has left me rather shaken, and I will work through that in time. You, dear reader’s, might even get a sampling of that. But personally, I am ready to leave this election far behind me. I have work to do to prepare for the coming days.

On another topic, I wanted to touch a little here about Standing Rock, and what is going on there. I don’t want to make any bones about it, I support the people at Standing Rock. Water is life, and we have been dependent on oil far too long. We need to be doing everything in our power to transition away from powering our civilization on the long dead. That is part of the conflict at Standing Rock, the struggle between life and death. Oil is toxic, and the Standing Rock Sioux are at risk of having their water poisoned by the Black Snake. Water is life, and I believe that access to clean water is a basic human right.

I wrote this on Facebook a little time back; and I think it is worth sharing.

“I just keep thinking about the Balrog from Lord of the Rings. The dwarves dug t0o greedily and too deep, and woke up that ancient horror.

Maybe the Black Snack isn’t all that different. Now we have to deal with this venomous, toxic beast we have unearthed. Yes, it has driven our civilization to new heights, but at the end of the day we made a deal with the devil, who has now come to collect.

How do I express my solidarity in this fight, me, whose ancestors were strangers from a strange land, and who built this country on the blood and bones of the natives.

The very people who now fight the Black Snake.

It is the Black Snake, the one who is made from those that are long dead, that drives the machines of war that oppress the natives.

And yet, the waters of this land flow through my veins, the air in my lungs, the minerals in my bones, the very tinder with which to alight the fires of my spirit.”

Water Rights, Indigenous Rights, Basic Human Rights, as well as environmental issues are all tied up with Standing Rock. It does my heart good to see support from peoples all across the globe, from America, Norway, New Zealand, Mongolia. This is bigger than any one person, and I will continue to support the Native Peoples in any way I can.

I think a new story is unfolding.

Thanks for reading!

Ceremonial Dagger

Since I am in the mood of shameless self promotion, I wanted to talk a little about a commission I just finished up.


This ceremonial dagger was commissioned as a gift for a friend. I am really happy how it turned out!

It is made of 4140 chromemoly. The handle is made of birch wood, and the sheath is a combination of birch and poplar. Those are the mundane specifications.

As most of you know this is as much a spiritual blog as it is anything else. I have made no secret of the fact that I am an animist and spirit worker/shamanic practitioner. So what I really wanted to talk about today was the spiritual aspects that went into making this piece.

This piece was designed to be friendly to spiritual folk such as the Fae, or those that strongly connect with that kind of energy. Several spiritual people like the Fae are adversely affected by iron, which can range in severity. For some, it may just ground out their energy and make them magically impotent. For others, it can be like a fatal allergic reaction.

As such, this piece was created with great care. It was given regular offerings all through the creation process, as was the Forge Spirit itself. Yes, there is an actual spirit that resides in my forge, and I even named it. He is a fiery, amazing beast.

No, I won’t reveal that name here.

The spirit of this dagger revealed itself real early in the process. For lack of better wording, it is quite the chatty spirit. Not in any kind of negative way, it just seemed to have a lot to say. I think working with it was quite a treat.

However, I was not allowed to name it, that much was made very clear. In addition, the dagger spirit was aware all through the process that it was not meant to me. While our relationship was generally cordial, it was in fact a passing acquaintance. The piece has since moved on to its new home, where I am sure it will be loved and cared for.

Want to talk to me about a project? Link up with me on my Facebook page or by email.

As per the usual,

Thanks for reading!







Admin Updates!

Hey folks!

Random short post here, with a few recent additions!

In case you didn’t notice, there are now indexes for both of my ongoing series, just look up top.

Also, I added my shop’s Facebook page and Etsy shop on the right hand side.


Be sure to check those things out, yeah?


You all keep being awesome!






From Gersande: We found the tomb of an ancient sleeping God in the inky depths of the earth. In our hubris and greed we awoke him, and accepted to glorify him in exchange for cataclysmic, destructive power.

via The Oil God — GODS & RADICALS

Updates 3/22/16

Hello folks!

I am trying to get back to regular blogging now that another manuscript has been finished! I have brought the Elder Blood Saga to an end, at just under a half million words across fives books. I am hoping to get all of them out by the end of the year. With that out of the way my attention turns to other projects in the pipeline.

The questions becomes, what is next? Well, I think here is a great place to take a look at my list, and see where I stand. Certainly some new things have been added to my “to do” list, but I am not going to add everything. Suffice to say, there is plenty on the docket both publicly and privately in my life.

  • I have finished the Elder Blood Saga, and will be moving that towards publication. Book 3 is in the very near future. (Hint hint!)
  • There has been an ancestor project in my head for some time, and I am going to start putting that to the page. I am going to be doing that as a blog project, so you folks will be able to see that develop. In some way, it will be a recycling of my old works, and a crap ton of new data and better sources. In addition, I think I will combine it with the “Cave Bear” type project I talked about earlier. It might become a book in the long run, but for now I want to share it openly.
  • I am working on a manuscript about animism.
  • This year, I am hoping to plant a lot of seeds and encourage a lot of new growth. There is a lot of groundwork ongoing right now, but I am not quite ready to talk about these things just yet. There is just quite a bit of research and just testing the waters right now. Stay tuned!

And as always, thanks for reading!

Hiatus Time!

Hello folks,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything, and I have officially decided to walk away from the blog for a bit. Maybe a month or two while I get some of my projects done.

Life has been crazy hectic, and my backlog has only grown. I have started writing another novel, which I hope to have done before bow season starts in October. I have another cover in the fire right now for the second edition of Of Ice and Darkness, and I am working towards the release of my third book in the Elder Blood Saga.

In addition, there is so much writing to do, editing, and my workshop is constantly begging for my attention. Also, there is that whole full-time day job thing I do. Honestly, I don’t feel like I am moving forward at all, and I have not been able to devote proper time to this blog.

As such I have to step away so I can get some work done. My regular readers know that I do this from time to time, partly because of time constraints, but mostly for my sanity. Sometimes I need to step away from internetland.

So, without further ado, I will see you folks on the flip side.

P.S. You are all amazing and thanks for reading!