Ceremonial Dagger

Since I am in the mood of shameless self promotion, I wanted to talk a little about a commission I just finished up.


This ceremonial dagger was commissioned as a gift for a friend. I am really happy how it turned out!

It is made of 4140 chromemoly. The handle is made of birch wood, and the sheath is a combination of birch and poplar. Those are the mundane specifications.

As most of you know this is as much a spiritual blog as it is anything else. I have made no secret of the fact that I am an animist and spirit worker/shamanic practitioner. So what I really wanted to talk about today was the spiritual aspects that went into making this piece.

This piece was designed to be friendly to spiritual folk such as the Fae, or those that strongly connect with that kind of energy. Several spiritual people like the Fae are adversely affected by iron, which can range in severity. For some, it may just ground out their energy and make them magically impotent. For others, it can be like a fatal allergic reaction.

As such, this piece was created with great care. It was given regular offerings all through the creation process, as was the Forge Spirit itself. Yes, there is an actual spirit that resides in my forge, and I even named it. He is a fiery, amazing beast.

No, I won’t reveal that name here.

The spirit of this dagger revealed itself real early in the process. For lack of better wording, it is quite the chatty spirit. Not in any kind of negative way, it just seemed to have a lot to say. I think working with it was quite a treat.

However, I was not allowed to name it, that much was made very clear. In addition, the dagger spirit was aware all through the process that it was not meant to me. While our relationship was generally cordial, it was in fact a passing acquaintance. The piece has since moved on to its new home, where I am sure it will be loved and cared for.

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