The Triumphant (Kinda) Return!

Hello folks!

Now that I have another manuscript out of the way, I am doing my best to return to regular writing here. As I have been away for a few months, I’ll start with some updates.

I am sure you all noticed, but the re-release of my book “Of Ice and Darkness” is up for sale! You can find it under the “publications” tab of this blog. I have to say I am really excited about the new cover. My cover artist as well as the my designer are really amazing at what they do. Not only is it a vast improvement over the old cover, I just really love seeing my creations come to life in visual form!

So, the second part of the Elder Blood Saga has been re-released, and now I am working towards finalizing the third book in that series. It will be my first new release, and I am hoping to have it available before Yuletime. Also, I am aiming for next year for the publication of books number 4 and 5. That’s right, this series will be coming to an end in the year to come! (In an ideal world.)

It has been kind of a bad hunting year so far. I have not had a lot of free time, and the time I have been able to find either; the weather has been really crappy or there just really hasn’t been a lot going on in the woods. I’ve seen a few deer so far, but all does. Not that I have a real problem taking does, because meat is meat. It’s just that the ones I have seen have been really young, small and/or sickly. I have seen one doe where I could basically count her ribs, she was so small and famished. It makes me kind of concerned and a little bit worried, and I know that her odds of getting through the winter are not going to be great unless she can bulk up a little.

Honestly, I have been a little frustrated with my lack of free time this year. Some days, I wish I could just write full time, but that wouldn’t really pay the bills at this point. There are just so many projects I want to work on, and that whole day-job thing is really sucking up all my time and energy. Yeah, I make decent money, have a roof over my head and food in my belly… But at the end of the day I kind of wish I could have those things and actually be doing something that I enjoy and is meaningful to me.

Cake and eat it too.

Call me a dreamer.

I am trying to get myself back in the habit of writing blogs regularly again, and I have to admit I have been having a hard time about it. See above, where I find my time is at a premium. I have at least three bigger projects forming in my head, and there is plenty of smaller things I want to write about here. Most days, I find myself having to choose between one and the other. Do I work on a chapter from a longer work, or do I write a blog post?

I hate having to choose. I want to simultaneously create longer works, as well as maintain a decent quality blog. After all, this is my primary means of communicating with people. Yet, lately I have found when I try to juggle the two, the quality of one almost always suffers. I can write a decent and well thought out blog, and a substandard chapter, or vice versa. I do not like creating what I feel is substandard content.

I am also my worst critic.

With all that in mind, I will do my best to turn out blog posts at least every other week. I’d love to get back to my weekly posts, but I am not sure that is doable at this point. Anywho, that is enough of that! I wanted to offer a preview of some of the things I am working on!

(Possible) Upcoming works!

    • I am working on a book like a “Clan of the Cave Bear” type of work. I really loved that book, by Jean Auel. I can’t say I was as fond of the latter books, because I just didn’t love the “mother goddess” ideas that were present throughout them, nor the rampant “romance” of it all. Mammoth Hunters was good, those points aside… Either way, with my background in archaeology and my general interest in hunter gatherers, I am wanting to try my hand at something similar.
    • There is also a book about animism in the works, which is slowly taking shape. I just want to organize a lot of the thoughts I present here in a more cohesive and longer form.
    • A kind of sci-fi epic has been slowly taking shape. The inspirations include The Dark Tower Series, Mass Effect, Lord of the Rings, and a lot of others too. Just something I have been jotting notes about here and there.
    • I have two manuscripts for a contemporary fantasy I have been working on, and I might start moving the first towards publication soon. The early drafts have been well received.
    • I also have three manuscripts of a fantasy trilogy sitting around. Honestly, I don’t really like it. But I have been rewriting it, slowly.
    • There has also been thoughts about doing an anthology about shamanism in some form…. Just thoughts at this point.
    • There is a bigger project I have been hinting about, but due to numerous setback it will not take shape until next spring. Sorry!
    • And then there is all the blogs I have been thinking about. While these all might not materialize, I do have some notes/early drafts for things like; Science and Animism, Animism and Politics, Ancestors, Thoughts on Lupa’s “Skin Spirits” and “Engaging the Spirit World”, The future of humanity, environmentalism, capitalism… and on and on and on.

All in all, there is quite a bit of work going on. In truth, it is a little overwhelming.

Still, it feels good to be back!

Thanks for reading!


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