Re-release “Of Shadow and Steel”!

Hello folks!

I am proud to say that I have finally released the 2nd edition of my book “Of Shadow and Steel”, the first book in the Elder Blood Saga.  The new cover looks amazing! Especially when you compare it to the old, crappy cover. The text has been updated as well, and I think it makes the whole story a lot more fluid for reading.

Also, there is a publication link at the top now, for my selection of books.

I am considering posting my own thoughts on the book here, but that will be in another post. For now, enjoy!


(Note, Low Res Image)


By the 24th century, the Earth had been ravaged by a third world war, environmental decay, corrupt, ineffective governments, as well as corporate greed. To survive, humanity had to leave the world of its birth for a new life among the stars.
Erik and Sarah Smedson are among those ready to embark on a new life. Their plans for that new life did not include one of the greatest discoveries of their time. A rare element, that holds some secrets of its own. Secrets that question the spirit of humanity, its place in the galaxy, and the very nature and origins of humanity itself.
The very same secrets that attract the attention of the United Earth Corporation, and the old ways of war, greed, and corruption that they had hoped to leave behind.

It is currently up in the Createspace E-Store, and for Kindle on Amazon. As far as I can tell, the updated 2nd edition paperback has not made its way to Amazon just yet, though you can still find the old version there.

Createspace: Paperback $9.99

Amazon: Kindle ($4.99) and Paperback ($9.99)


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