Updates 5/7/15

Hey there everyone! I must apologize to you all, as I have not been able to keep up with this blog lately. There are some really great posts on the horizon, but I have not had the time to write them up recently. Life has gotten a little chaotic, and frankly blog posts are low on the priority list.

The last couple of weeks have been hell on wheels. My wife’s car broke down, one of my credit cards came under fraud alert,mom’s birthday, and then at the end of it all, I got let go from my job. I found a new one, and it will pay the bills in the short term, but it has still been a lot to deal with.

Also, I have been wicked busy. I have am finishing up writing another book, and I am working towards republishing the second edition of Of Shadow and Steel. The new cover looks fantastic! I am really excited about this re-release. This book is going into the proofing stage, so it won’t be long now!

There are also blogs coming up with more environmental thoughts, and more work on the Kalevala as well.

But, with the short term panic of unemployment out of the way starting next week, I have started thinking about the future. Through unemployment, all the job hunting, and the ups and downs of it all, it really gets to you after a while. To realize that your home, your family happiness and comfort, all that is at the whim of someone else. It really got me thinking that maybe it is time to see if I can provide for my own financial well being.

I am no fool, so I am not just going to drop everything to chase a dream. But between my writing, and my crafting skills, there may be something there. I think it is time to start testing those waters, and maybe even make some extra money doing it. I am still exploring the feasibility of it all, but I think there may be something to all this. So stay tuned! There will be forthcoming updates!

So I just wanted to check in with you guys, and let you know I am not dead and have not forgotten about you.

Thanks for reading!


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I am a writer, author, hunter, craftsman, and student of anthropology/archaeology. View all posts by Nicholas Haney

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