Upcoming Work… Input?

Ok, so this post is a break from the norm, and really I am just seeking input from my readers on forthcoming work.

The book I am currently working on is making slow, but steady progress. I have it roughly organized into sections, that may be broken down further into chapters. Currently, it is organized as such;

Section 1: Archaeology and History: The Oldest Stories. This section surveys the archaeology and history of Northern Europe, telling a broad narrative of some of my earliest ancestors, the hunters of the North.

Section 2: Genetic Genealogy: This section covers how I learned about my oldest ancestors, and tips and advice to do the same.

Section 3: Traditional Genealogy: How I found about my documented ancestors, and tips and advice to do the same.

Section 4: Work in progress. Currently a jumble of animism and shamanism. Assorted bits about ideology, beliefs and worldview. I am working on breaking this section up to talk about working with spirits and ancestors, animals, plants, and things from my own experience. Might be some on hunting too.

With spring just around the corner, I am thinking a lot about the setup of my new garage/workshop. I have plans already for new leather projects, new metal work, and woodwork as well. Most of the things I have planned would be more functional than aesthetic, things I might actually use in the field. Knives, bows, bags, satchels, that kind of thing.

Also, more pictures. This blog is so black and white…

I plan to write about all these things as they develop. I was just wondering what my readers thought? Things you would like to see? Comments on the book outline? Anything?




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I am a writer, author, hunter, craftsman, and student of anthropology/archaeology. View all posts by Nicholas Haney

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