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I have the last part of my recent Skadi series forthcoming soon, but I wanted to stop and update everyone on what is going on.

It has been crazy busy around here the last couple of weeks. My wife and I have officially closed on our first house, and we are really excited about it! I will have my forge, and the space of a one car garage at my disposal. Oooh, the possibilities.

With all my stuff in one place, I will be able to get some work done. This apartment is just not any good for that. As such, perhaps this blog will be home to some more hands-on work. I intend to deepen my work with bow making, and have plenty of knives to forge. In addition, I am beginning my adventures in both leatherworking and flintknapping. So stay tuned for some stuff on all this.

On that note, I have already taken a small doe this year, and have her hide curing at the moment. I also got a buck hide from the guy that helped me butcher, and that is curing as well. I will start tanning them as soon as I can get set up at the new house.

The writing has been stop and go at the current time. With all the new-house stuff, I think this is understandable. I am still shooting to get another book done this year, and ideally before the chaos of the holidays begin. It has not been to bad of a writing year, though not as productive as last year. Given everything, I not surprised. I will be happy with about 200,000 words this year. I am somewhere around 150k right now.

So, I have been watching my stats since I changed to shorter posts. I am not noticing much of a difference to date. Maybe it needs more time. Either way, the shorter posts are driving me a bit batty, but I also like posting material each week. I think I can going to go with a more balanced approach. I think I will continue to break up longer posts, so I can do weekly segments. However, I will also do the occasional longer post, just because they are easier for me to write.

I just packed up the altar space tonight, and that will be moved over tomorrow, though I probably will not get it set back up until this weekend. It makes the whole place (the apartment) feel off… Incomplete, empty. I can still talk with my gods, ancestors, and spirits, sure, but I like that connection the altar brings.

Working with Skadi, my ancestors, and spirits has been interesting lately. I think I am starting to understand why Skadi chose to work with me. I have noted before I lack the god-phone, and am primarily an ancestor and spirit worker. The indications lately have been that Skadi is an ancestor of sorts. Not that I am her son or anything like that, but like she is a distant clan mother. I am a bit of a skeptic, so I am still working to confirm this. But in a way, it kind of makes sense. It would make her my oldest known ancestor. I have written before about divine ancestry a little, so this is one of those things that I am not certain about, but that makes sense. I mean, if you think about it, numerous people could be descended from her. Millions maybe. The stories and lore are ripe with gods and mortals getting freaky. If you consider the number of gods, and the number of people on the planet, could it be said that most people have divine ancestry from somewhere? Some of them got around, so I would say it is not impossible. Certainly shifts my personal narrative around a little.

I come from a family of hunters, my dad, my granddad, uncles, aunts and so on. Most of my family have a connection to animals and the outdoors, a little on the wild side, even if not strictly hunters. Could it be because our clan mother was a little on the wild side?

It is often said that the ancestors are those most concerned with our welfare and success, and I would think that includes divine ancestors as well.

Something to ponder at least. Until next time!


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