Skaði Part 4

A great deal is going on right now. There have been the ongoing family issues, the closing for the house is slowly moving forward, and I did manage to get a deer. Granted, I failed to find said deer. The shot was solid, the blood trail was good, but we lost it after about half a mile through the marshes. Also, some coyotes were rejoicing off to our east. Bastards found my deer. That’s my best guess. You win some you lose some.

Anyways, back to Skadi.

As far as general appearance is concerned, she generally appears to me with white hair. She is toned and athletic. Yet, this should not be mistaken for youth. She is old, who really knows how old. I can sense it on her, the experience behind her eyes. The Jotuns, which she is in origin, are the oldest in the north. They predate the Vanir as well as the Aesir. They are the old gods of the wilderness, of nature, and of the hunt.

Honestly, I think her hunting associations hardly need to be mentioned. I have already talked quite a bit about hunting,  I have hunted with her, and continue to learn from her about survival, hunting, and a whole host of related skills. So I am glossing over this part.

She often appears to me accompanied by a white wolf. Sometimes, just the wolf appears. Yet, even when it is just a wolf, I can still sense her. This gives me reason to believe, like her father before her, she is also a shapeshifter. Sometimes she is the wolf, sometimes it accompanies her. Not always real clear.

Skadi is also a world walker. She, at one time or another through marriage or blood, is/was counted among the Jotun, the Vanir and the Aesir. In Norse mythology, these are treated as separate “worlds” or homelands, inhabited by different denizens. She has moved between Asgard, Noatun/Vanaheim, as well as her home in Jotunheim, Thrymheim. Just from my own experience with journey work, that is no small task. There could be an element of shamanistic work in there. When I think about her stories, I realize that she went from the middle-ish world of Jotunheim, up the world tree to Asgard to pound at the gates and scare the hell out of the Aesir. From Utgard, to Innagard, and back again. From a shamanistic perspective, that takes a decent amount of skill. That is no short, or easy journey.

As such, she is a challenger and keeper of limits and boundaries. After all, a boundary can be both a prison and a protective wall. Paxson helps to bring both these points home; ” If you find your relationship with Skadhi deepening, you may feel the need to explore your limits, to find out how it feels to push yourself to the edge of your resources. Skadhi is a goddess who challenges. You may find yourself experiencing her most fully in some activity with an element of danger, such as white-water rafting, or going to survival school…

“Skadhi comes from Utgard– the wilderness– and though she can function in a civilized environment, her wildness is never entirely lost. She is a good guide when we ourselves are attempting to reclaim our own wild natures and to go outside our limits and boundaries, whether they are imposed by others or come from within.” Utgard, from beyond the wall (Did anyone else just think of Game of Thrones?), outside of civilization. In the wild places of the world beyond the cities, that is the place of the hunter, of Skadi.

There is still so much to explore here, and it will be forthcoming soon. I have a source or two I want to explore in more depth as well as other things.


Skadidottir, Lyn

Paxson, Diane

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