I will start with updates, as so often is my custom. The wife and I have found a house, and are moving towards closing. It is still all up in the air at the moment, but there has been no shortage of paperwork. It’s all a bit taxing.

Hunting season has also started, so I am writing this now from atop a tree.

That’s also a lie, in case you didn’t know. Not because it is impossible, of course, given modern technology. I do occasionally return to civilization, and there is always that day job thing.  Even so, I will be spending more time in the woods. The writing slows down as a result.

But all in all, the new equipment is working well so far, and I haven’t froze to death. So I am calling that a win.

This is an in-between blog, because I have an honest question for my readers. It has always been my goal with this blog to create useful as well as practical content. I put in a good deal of time and research crafting the content here, because it is important to me to do so. Good content is not short, and short content is often not good. This blog isn’t meant to be a sound bite. It is meant to be engaging, theoretical, practical, and most of all, informative.

That is where my question comes in. After talking with a few people, it seems that many readers are reluctant to peruse longer articles on the internet. I tend to write longer articles, in the spirit of good content. I am a bit conflicted on this matter. I would like to think if the content is good then I shouldn’t have to tailor my work to a short attention span. At the same time, readership is important to me, and my readers are important.

My question is, should I break up my articles into shorter segments, say ~ 500 words for readability?

Currently I write about 1,000 words or so for this blog every two weeks. Would it be more prudent to write the same amount, and publish half an article every week instead of every two?

Let me know what you think!



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4 responses to “Inquiry

  • Kathlmo

    I would say it isn’t a bad idea to have part 1 and part 2 articles. Also, I’m not sure it’s so much short attention spans but short breaks. I tend to read articles at work or on early Saturday/Sunday mornings. These usually leave about 15 minute spurts of good article reading time. Longer articles tend to get not ready fully or skimmed partly through because I have to watch for time. I also put them “in a pile” to read later but find it hard to get back to them. So coming out in “parts” that can be read in 15 minutes and then continued another 15 minutes another day, may solve this issue.

  • John

    As a family member you know I “suffer” from ADHD and a lazy eye that does not allow me to read for extended periods. I have read your blogs from my mobile as well as my home PC. I have never found the length off putting. Truncating your acticles does not seem productive as I rather stay on one page the keep going back to click pt1, pt2, ect. Just my $0.02

  • dedybear

    Generally, I catch up on blogs when putting the kids to bed and I have nothing to do but paroose the internet. I tend to appreciate a linger well thought out post. However, I accept that not everyone (OK, most people) on the Internet are traveling at the speed of the Internet… With that said, I think breaking it up as you have suggested is wise. I also find that doing so can challenge your word smithing a bit to get the best content with the fewest words… I think your blog is well written, I just always enjoy a challenge. Best of luck, and good luck moving forward with your home. So much work, so gratifying.

  • James "TwoSnakes" Stovall

    You know my opinion, breaking it up is the only way to go for internet reading. I can’t do long unless it is printed out.

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