Comment: “Goodbye Wolves!”

Wolf Norway

One of the about 80 remaining Norwegian wolves. (Photo: Baard Næss/ Rovdata)

Comment by: Thor Lanesskog

“Wolf” is one of the most loaded words in Norwegian vocabulary and evokes strong emotions no matter who you are talking to. Farmers and people in rural areas associate the word with mass killing of sheep and reindeer and can tell about bloody bodies and the four-legged Devil.

The attitude among urbanites and environmentalists around cafe tables in Oslo and other cities are quite opposite: The gray wolf is endangered and must be protected because it belongs in Norwegian nature. It is the farmers’ responsibility to take better care of the livestock, and they must realize that wolves willingly eat unattended lamb chops and are not feeding on moss and blueberries.

The farmers on their side argue that the wolf is a mobile killing machine that does enormous harm and destroy their life’s…

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