I have been busier than crap. Day job, writing, writing, and more writing. I have 2 books published, one in revision, 3 in editing and one more over half done. Many more in my head. Plus the weather is getting nicer, so my mind is turning towards hiking, fishing, camping, bonfires and generally being out in the woods again. Just taking it day by day right now. That is all that is keeping me sane.

The next book is tentatively called: The Last of the Wolf Lords; The Eyes of the Hunter. It is the first of a trilogy that will be coming out over the course of this year.

There are some things rolling around in my head that I may post on. I have been doing a fair amount of research lately for writing projects concerning werewolves, shape-shifters and that kind of thing. Perhaps there is a post in there somewhere. Also, I have just finished a lengthy article/thesis that has some good meat in it, that I might post on later.

Also, I have been asked to a presentation for my local working group on (northern) folklore, and I have been c0llecting notes for that. There might be a post in there too, but it won’t be until the end of April. I wouldn’t want to spoil my presentation, after all.

For now, I am tired.

I have not had time for a longer blog post, but I just wanted all my readers to know I have not forgotten about you.



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I am a writer, author, hunter, craftsman, and student of anthropology/archaeology. View all posts by Nicholas Haney

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