Wiccan Privilege, really?

Son of Hel

So, over at Patheos there was something going on about Wiccan Privilege. I was pretty much set to ignore it, because, well…Patheos tends to have a certain type of Pagan on there and decided to let it alone. After all, the Wild Hunt, supposed CNN of the Pagan world…couldn’t cut it over there, and it was one of the more “progressive liberal” rags I’d run into.

But apparently this whole deal of Wiccan Privilege is hitting more than just Patheos. Metal Gaia (an awesome blog, btw) threw her two cents in and that got me to finally sit down and bang my head…I mean keyboard.

I suppose the first place most people would start is talking about how Wicca is “Privileged” in comparison to other Pagan religions. (I can’t even remember what started this whole discussion, some sort of default to Wiccan rituals or something and someone got butthurt, maybe).

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