Monthly Archives: July 2013

Back from Hiatus

For those of you who did not know, I have been on a hiatus from most everything for about the past month. Most of you probably did not know, as it is not something I broadcasted. Either way, I needed a break, badly, but now I am back.

So here is a general purpose update. I am back to writing as it stands, I am two books into a trilogy that I am describing as “Michigan Vikings.” Also, my goal for this year is to publish 4 books, and I am on my way to 3. (See above.) I am not sure what the fourth book will be, as there are a lot of projects demanding my attention at this moment. It could be another volume of Wanderings, or it could be another book for the Elder Blood series. It could be something else unforeseen. I do not know at this point.

I am up to my ears in reading many new sources that may or may not be added to Wanderings. I am just not sure where all this information will end up, or what form it will even take. Suffice to say, I am doing a lot of reading at the moment on the Scandinavian/Nordic stone age. A dozen or more books, and a handful of scholarly articles. As I said, a lot is competing for my time and attention right now.

Going forward, most of my posts will be concerning what I am reading, and my thoughts on the sources. I will try to stay consistent with the posts. It is just that sometimes, I have to choose between posting and getting my actual writing done. Writing always wins.

So stay tuned. I will try for another post before the week’s end. Reading some neat stuff about bears…