I’m back!

It has been a long year, let there be no doubt about that. But now as we head towards winter here in the Great Lakes, I am slowly settling into my new life. I am now married to the love of my life. She and I have been together for six years and have finally tied the knot. In addition, I have picked up a new job and am working away each week to pay the bills. As my life gains some semblance of normality, I am  once again trying to get into the routine of writing regularly. I am hoping to return to my regular schedule of one post every couple of weeks at most.

I have all kinds of new projects in the pipeline, new Nordic-related research is forthcoming, as well as new posts on Heathenism (A Nordic spiritual path). Also, I have two more books in the works. One is a work of fiction, kind of alternative history type fantasy thing, and the other is a more casual research piece. (Nordic themed of course.)

On a related topic, I recently noticed I never posted a plug for the second book in the Elder Blood Saga, Of Ice and Darkness. So here it is!



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I am a writer, author, hunter, craftsman, and student of anthropology/archaeology. View all posts by Nicholas Haney

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