Monthly Archives: June 2011

When an End becomes a Beginning…

As my undergraduate days came to an end, I began to think upon what to do from here. Joining the “real” world is a bit daunting, especially with the economy in the condition it is. I only have ideas of what I will do with my major in Anthropology, and ideas do not pay the bills, at least at the moment. That is how I came to this blog, as a way to explore what I have learned, and what I might do with it.

Graduate school is a prospect, though no decision is yet set in stone. There is still much to think upon, and many options to consider. The big question is simply where to go from here. I am sure I am not the first student to be overwhelmed by this question. So perhaps this blog will serve as a means to find my direction, as well as a form of professional development.

What will my future posts contain? Well, that is not something I can speak on for certain. However, I do plan to write upon what I have learned during my time as an undergraduate, and some of my interests at the current time. As such, I will be writing upon topics of anthropology and archaeology, as well as related topics. I am thinking at the moment that my next post will be an introduction to anthropology and its sub-fields. So stay tuned… There is more to come.